Addiction treatment in Chaska, MN

As experts in addiction treatment in Chaska, our licensed professionals at NorthStar Regional understand that mental health problems are difficult to face, and some people turn to alcohol, drugs, or other behaviors to distract themselves or ease their pain.

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Addiction treatment is a key component of our comprehensive mental health and substance abuse support.


Addiction Treatment in Chaska, MN


As Chaska addiction treatment experts, our licensed professionals understand that mental health problems are difficult to face. As a result of this, some individuals turn to a variety of substances and behaviors to ease their pain or distract themselves. Continued use can lead to destructive habits, patterns, and addictions. Mental health issues and substance related disorders often occur in conjunction. This duality can of mental health issues and substance abuse commonly increases the severity of both disorders.

The term co-occurring disorder refers to having a mental health and substance use disorder at the same time. The goal of substance use is often to bring comfort, calmness, or a distraction to those who are depressed, anxious, or angered. However, the misuse of any substance or activity only brings temporary satisfaction. Addictions do not touch the important underlying emotional issues and can create long-term physical and mental health consequences, which is where our Chaska addiction treatment programs can help. 



Mark the ones describing you and your experience:

  • I have used more alcohol or drugs than I planned.
  • My alcohol or drug use has interfered with my job.
  • Alcohol or drug use caused conflict with my spouse or family.
  • I feel guilty or remorseful about some aspect of my use pattern.
  • I spent a lot of time using, drinking, or getting over the effects of use.
  • The urge to drink or use was so strong I felt I could not resist.
  • Alcohol or drug use has interfered with my social life.
  • I have been in legal trouble (arrested, jailed, received a DWI/DUI) because of my substance use.
  • I spent time thinking about how I will get more alcohol or drugs
  • I have blacked out.
  • I have tried to cut down or quit but found I could not.
  • Family or friends have told me I have a problem with drugs or alcohol.


In addiction treatment, people frequently address the physical symptoms of substance use but ignore the underlying mental and emotional connections. When those connections are neglected, it is difficult to maintain sobriety following treatment. Substance use and mental health disorders must be dealt with at the same time in addiction treatment programs. Continue to identify positive coping strategies and practice them regularly and you will build the emotional strength to withstand temptations and triggers. With our addiction treatment programs in Maple Grove MN, we address both the mental health and substance use issues for the best possible results following treatment.




Our Chaska addiction treatment counselors can answer common questions, provide support and therapy, and help with emerging habits. Continued follow-up with counseling and support groups can help you recognize early warning signs of relapse and provide intervention should problems develop. Counseling helps increase self-esteem, teaches skills to manage emotions, and develops positive coping abilities. Our addiction treatment groups and programs can make seemingly impossible lifestyle changes possible and much more likely. Knowing when you need help, and being willing to ask for it, can make all the difference in your long-term recovery. 

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