As experts in Marriage Counseling, we are here to help couples navigate the difficulties of life. Our licensed professionals at NorthStar Regional understand that marriage can be difficult and are here to help.
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Marriage Counseling

As experts in Marriage Counseling, we are here to help couples navigate the difficulties of life. Our licensed professionals at NorthStar Regional understand that marriage can be difficult and are here to help.


Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a winding road that takes many turns for the best and the worst. Marriage counseling can help improve relationships by assisting in conversation over tough subjects that cause conflict in the relationship. Marriages often struggle because of outside pressure like work, finances, big life events, and personal struggles. All these factors can push marriages to the breaking point.

1. Do we need marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling can be helpful for all couples. Your relationship doesn’t need to be in a “bad” place to sign up for couple’s therapy. Most relationships would benefit from having sessions earlier in their relationship.

Professional marriage counselors help couples resolve conflicts they face by opening a safe channel of communication for the couple. Some common reasons couples seek counseling are:

2. What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is a safe place where couples come to talk about what is on their minds. These therapy sessions help partners understand the feeling each of them feel about a situation.

This is a key step for couples to understand what the other one is feeling. Many partners can be unaware of how the other feels about some situations. Both parties will benefit from voicing their opinion.

The counselor will help the conversation stay on track and give both sides time to vent out their feelings. A counselor is an unbiased person allowing for two-way communication between the couple. The overall adjective of marriage counseling is to resolve the conflict at hand. The counselor can offer specific tactics to help the couple find a solution that works for the couple and offer up tips on how to handle conflicts in the future.

3. Does marriage counseling work?

Multiple studies have shown that marriage counseling is helpful for most couples. The success of marriage counseling depends on a few factors the willingness of the partners to share thoughts and feelings in therapy sessions, and how early they decide to attempt marriage counseling. The longer couples push off marriage counseling lets the unpleasant habits set in making change for the couple much more difficult.

4. Picking the right therapist

The importance of being comfortable with your therapist has a substantial impact on the success of marriage counseling. Our relationship therapists at NorthStar Regional are here to help guide the conversation between you and your partner and find a solution to the issue at hand. Our goal is to help both parties convey their feelings and opinions to each other and find out what is causing conflict. After the therapist identified the situation, they will make recommendations to try to help with current problems and problems in the future.

How It Works

Our General Process

1. Find the root of the problem.

Our counselors guide the couples through conversations around the issue at hand. The importance of this step is for the couple to voice their opinion to each other making them aware of their partner’s feelings. The counselor helps moderate making sure both people get to voice their opinions in a safe space where both feel comfortable expressing themselves.

2. Address the problem.

The areas of conflict that arose from the first step are addressed here. Making the issues known to a big step in the right direction and each individual needs to know what they are doing to cause the problem at hand. The Consoler helps the couple find the middle ground where both people feel like they are getting fair treatment from the others.

3. Find a solution.

In this step, the consoler might offer suggestions to handle conflict now and in future disagreements. These suggestions are to help the couple learn how to handle themself when they face conflict in the future. The goal is to give the couple problem-solving skills, so they are better adapted for issues in the future.

4. Reinforce effective strategies.

In the last step, the consoler continues to check in with the couple and see how they are doing. This follow-through keeps accountability on the couples to keep up with the strategies they have learned from the sessions.

Moving Forward in Hope

Our Team

The NorthStar Regional counseling team of licensed marriage and family therapists will help your relationship find solutions. In an area where openness is encouraged, we help couples understand each other’s feelings around the area of conflict. In addition, we provide couples with recommendations and resources to help during times of struggle.

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