Who We Are

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values as an organization.

Who We Are

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values as an organization.

Vision Statement

Our Vision

With courage and heart, we save lives.
With wisdom and inspiration, we guide lives.
With compassion and love, we transform lives!

Mission Statement

Our Mission

NorthStar Regional is a co-occurring substance use treatment center and mental health provider that incorporates decades of wisdom in recovery with modern-day state-of-the-art evidence-based psychiatry and psychology.

We are lifesavers! Our entire team is connected and dedicated to saving lives.

Every patient is thoroughly assessed by our multidisciplinary team including counselors, therapists, nurses, and psychiatry. From this assessment, an individualized treatment plan is created with full input from the patient guiding the team to uncover, assist and restore the patient’s hope in recovery. All of our caregivers are involved throughout the entire treatment care delivery team. We seek to inspire our patients to heal their wounds and find a purpose that will help guide them in their recovery. We utilize the common sense and wisdom that The 12-Steps has guided people for decades and add modern-day medicine that dramatically improves patient’s success rate in recovery.

Our Values


Our people have the courage to know and do what is right. We act on conviction, interact with honesty, and hold each other accountable.


We establish boundaries and rules to follow. We honor each individual’s beliefs, value, and worth. Treating people the way they want to be treated.


We communicate our intentions and coordinate our actions. We put the Team before ourselves.


Spirituality gives us the ability to see things through different eyes – inspiring us to find hope, healing, and wisdom. We are encouraged to meet all challenges head on and to pursue our mission with vigor and intensity.


We are driven to provide outstanding care to our clients and to continually improve ourselves and our company. We embrace opportunity to contribute.