Women's Intensive Outpatient
with Lodging

NorthStar Regional provides co-occurring disorders treatment programming for women. Our intensive outpatient with lodging program is a live-in treatment facility that treats each client holistically, addressing substance use, mental health, and medical services at the same time.



Why Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) with Lodging?

NorthStar Regional’s women’s intensive outpatient with lodging program in Chaska is a live-in treatment facility. While also encouraging clients, at the right time, to seek employment or volunteer as they begin re-integrating into the community.

We are dedicated to providing integrated co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health care with a high-intensity, multidisciplinary team. People who have a substance use disorder as well as a mental health disorder are diagnosed as having co-occurring disorders. This is also sometimes called a dual diagnosis. This approach allows us to achieve the best treatment outcomes.



Full Details

Intensive Outpatient with Lodging Program

Women enrolled in the Intensive Outpatient with Lodging Program reside at Klein Mansion. This program is made up of 3 phases.  Throughout the duration of treatment, clients are required to attend a weekly individual session with their Primary Counselor.  During this weekly session, the counselor will review with the client their individual treatment plan, discuss their progress towards discharge, and update their 6 Dimension severity ratings.  Clients need to contact their primary counselor to schedule this weekly appointment.

In addition to group and individual meetings, clients are required to attend 3-5 abstinence based sober support group meetings weekly and to obtain a sponsor by phase II.  While enrolled in the program, clients are able to utilize our membership at the Chaska Community Center, which features an award winning aquatics area, gymnasiums, racquetball courts, strength equipment, cardio machines and group fitness classes. 

Getting Started

How Does Someone Start Treatment?

The first step is to schedule an assessment. If the program fits the client’s needs, we can begin the intake process.

At intake, clients are admitted to the program and placed in the track that is best for them. They will also be referred to other services as needed.

To schedule an assessment, please call 952-448-6557. Clients who have recently completed any assessments should fax them to NorthStar Regional in Sugar Creek (952-448-6047) prior to their initial appointment.

Intensive Outpatient with Lodging Program


Clients enrolled in our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) with Lodging programming will live at one of our residential facilities.

Clients are required to attend individual and group sessions during each week:

Additionally, this program is made up of three phases.

PHASE I:  Over 20+ hours/week of group programming

When a client has decreased their severity rating in Dimensions I – IV to a 1, and Dimension V to a 2, or at staff recommendation, they will move into Phase II.

PHASE II:  Over 10 hours/week of group programming (see PHASE I for list of options)

When a client has decreased their severity rating in Dimension V to a 1 and their Dimension VI to a 2, or at staff recommendation, they will move into the Phase III Aftercare group.


How Do I Schedule an Assessment?

Want to schedule a Rule 25 assessment or learn more? Call us at 952-448-6557 or use the contact form via the button below, and we’ll be happy to direct you from there.
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