Anger Management Therapy in chanhassen

As experts in anger management therapy and other mental health issues, our licensed professionals at NorthStar Regional in Chanhassen understand that mental health problems are difficult to face.
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Anger Management Therapy in Chanhassen

As experts in anger management therapy and other mental health issues, our licensed professionals at NorthStar Regional in Chanhassen understand that mental health problems are difficult to face.

Our anger management therapy center in Chanhassen not only helps you stay in control, but it also helps you understand why you feel anger. Everyone gets angry occasionally and it can sometimes be difficult to handle or express anger appropriately. Because managing anger and aggression can be overwhelming, it can drive other emotional disorders. Trying to control anger by using alcohol or drugs can quickly become a problem. Other ways of coping with anger and frustration can also become unhealthy patterns and can jeopardize your overall emotional health. We can help you identify emotions like anger, depression, and anxiety and learn to deal with them in an honest, direct, and healthy manner.


Anger is often filled with selfishness. “I am not getting what I want, the way I want it, or when I want it, Now I’m upset!” In order to deal with anger, it helps to identify when you are being selfish and work to reduce your sense of entitlement. Selfishness often includes feelings of frustration because someone is not considering your value or importance. You may feel inconvenienced and see other as slow, careless, thoughtless, and inconsiderate of your needs and real problems.

Blocked Goals

When people, situations, or circumstances block our goals, or we perceive them as blocked, we can become angry and even aggressive. For example, say you need some money, ask a number of people you know have the means to lend it to you, and the refuse. Your goal is blocked. Your goals are denied and frustration builds. Blocked goals can be terribly annoying, and many people intensify their efforts to get what they want. They bully others, scream, argue, fight, threaten, manipulate, and generally try to force their way to get what they want. Consider the following blocked goals:

  • Traffic was backed up for no good reason
  • The boss made me come in early and stay late
  • No one understands my depression
  • No one will lend me the money I need
  • Someone questioned my honesty
  • Why is this checkout line moving so slowly?

Anger and Aggression

Anger is a normal and natural human emotion. Aggression is an action often stemming from anger. It is possible to be angry without being aggressive and how you handle your anger makes all the difference. It is important to understand the nature of aggressive actions as well as developing healthy, non-aggressive coping strategies. Aggression is shown in our physical appearance and an aggressive person may point at others, move into another person’s space, puff their chest, and look intensely at the person to whom their anger is directed. You can learn to identify your feelings of anger, hurt and irritation. When you recognize anger for what it is, you cope with it in healthier ways and without becoming aggressive with our anger management therapy.

Anger Management Therapy In Chanhassen

Managing anger without losing control or otherwise harming yourself, or others, is a goal of a healthy emotional life. Emotions can be managed without being aggressive, and it is good to remember you are working to control your mood, attitude and behavior, not another person. Anger rises out of the frustration of trying to control what you cannot. You can learn to accept things as they come and respond with understanding and consideration for others. Our anger management therapy center in Chanhassen will help you control your anger in healthy ways and as you work through the program, irritation will fade, and your life will become characterized by joy and peace.

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