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What are Rule 25 Assessments?

In order to receive public funding for chemical dependency treatment, an individual needs to have a chemical use assessment conducted by a Rule 25 assessor. This is also known as a Rule 25 Assessment. In  Minnesota, the process of the assessment and the criteria the decision is based upon are governed by Rule 25. Under Rule 25, an assessor gathers information about an individual and decides whether the individual needs treatment and if so, what type will be the most beneficial. Anyone can request an assessment for him or herself or for another person. 


How Rule 25 Assessments Work

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Minnesota Regulations

Under the state's Rule 25 (similar to a state law), all county or tribal agencies must provide an assessment when requested. Health plans that serve Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare clients also must provide assessments.

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A Rule 25 Assessment is an interview screening conducted by a licensed chemical health assessor to determine whether the client suffers from a substance use disorder.

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A chemical dependency assessment includes an interview with a counselor to review a person's chemical use and its impact on their daily life and relationships.

Additional Information

Rule 25 or chemical dependency assessments may also include the following:

How Do I Schedule an Assessment?

Want to schedule an assessment or learn more? Call us at 952-448-6557 or use the contact form via the button below, and we’ll be happy to direct you from there.

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